Trump Effect: Trickle Down Racism

The day of the election I made it a point to grab my three children, dress them up, and take them to the polls. I wanted show them the importance of exercising their right to vote. As a woman I take my rights to vote seriously. I was so proud to take my little girls into the voting booth and have them press the button to vote for the first time ever in history for a female presidential candidate! In my heart I believed that America was ready for a Madam President and that Donald Trump was purposely put in the running as an alternative by the powers at be to give Americans no other choice other then to vote for a woman. During this long and ridiculous race to the White House I truly believed that there was no way an outright racist, sexist bigot, sexual predator would ever be entrusted with America’s secrets and be allowed to run this already great country. I believed that the good guy (good girl in this case) would always end up with the win.

A little back story: when I was pregnant with my first child I was stationed in a foreign country while serving in the Army. My daughter was not born in the United States. My children are aware of the fact that she was born overseas and it was never an issue to them until the morning after election night. I stayed up all night watching the results of the election in shock. I woke my girls up and told them to get ready for school. The first thing out of my youngest daughter’s mouth was “Is Hillary the president? Did she win?” I had to tell her the truth, “No baby she didn’t.”

I was woefully unprepared for her response. Her six year old face changed from excited to sorrow. She began hysterically crying. I tried to hug her, and asked “Baby why are you crying?”

She looked up to me with her big dark brown eyes and said “I don’t want my sister to be sent back!” and began to wail with tears.

I sat there in shock. I had never discussed Trump’s policies on immigration with my children, nor do I have cable TV  in my household. I thought my children were sheltered from Trump’s hurtful rhetoric. I was unaware that my children’s peers at school, were watching, paying attention, and talking about it at school.

I hugged my daughter again and told her that her sister was not going anywhere, that she was a citizen and had every right to stay in this country and not to ever worry about her sister leaving her side. It took a lot of convincing but she finally believed me and started to get ready to go to school.

This left me thinking. If my children, who I thought were blissfully unaware of the great divide plaguing this country were worried about the future of the United States. Then what were other kids around America thinking?

Later that day my twitter feed was full of tweets expressing horror of the all too common occurrences of hate crimes sparked by Trump’s triumph. It seemed like the world had lost it’s shit. Closeted racists let their confederate flags fly free and the hatred trickled down into our education system. So began the hate spiral of 2016.

Children, were now chanting- “Build that wall! Build that wall!” in their cafeterias. Bullying has become out of control since Election day. The Southern Poverty Law center has collected more than enough data of election related attacks nationwide and it shows that “more than 1/3 of the incidents tracked by the SPLC took place in k-12 schools.”



Royal Oak Middle School


As a mother I am alarmed. As a Latina, I am concerned for my fellow minorities. As a Veteran I am disappointed. As the matriarch of a bi-racial blended family I am outraged. As a woman I am furious that a man who once said “Just grab her by the pussy” is going to be in charge of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. As a decent human being I am truly saddened that this country would entrust the future of the Land of the Free to an outright racist, bigot pig.

I try to teach my children to be good people, but with Trump winning the election by basically bullying his way into the White House, who knows what the kids will take from it.


I urge you, regardless of who you voted for. Please talk to your children about the dangers of their words. Teach them to have compassion for one another. While the Royal Oak Middle schoolers were chanting build that wall, some of their Hispanic classmates who have undocumented parents were crying because they are in true fear of their parents being taken from them. Tell them that years from now when they decide to get jobs, these images of hatred will be lurking somewhere on the internet for potential employers to see.

Please share your children’s reactions the morning after the election in the comment section!

.Trump Card.

During this long election, my thoughts were always on the optimistic side: I believed that the country I fought for, that the six years I spent away from my family defending freedom mattered. That the daily misogyny I experienced in the military was isolated only to the military. Last night I found out that I was so wrong. Donald Trump’s victory has taught me one thing: that being a racist, sexual predator is more acceptable than being a woman in this country. Those of you who failed to vote, let this day be a lesson. For those of you who pissed away you’re vote on a third party, I hope your happy. Lastly, to the poor white Americans who voted for Trump, you have been conned.

I see these numbers below and can only think, what were you thinking, White Women?


And then I saw a tweet from @thecapitalv that said “What a privilege it must be to be able to look past a presidential candidate’s racism because it won’t affect you.” And understood.


.I’m with Her, she’s with Him.

Mpolly best friend voted for Donald Trump. Now for the first time in our twenty year old friendship, I am questioning why we are still friends. She and I have a mutual friend named Ashley*, who is white and is married to a black man. I called my best friend one day after seeing an outrageous post, supporting Donald Trump and condemning abortion from Ashley. It is ironic because I remember Ashley* telling me on a drunken night ten years ago that she had had an abortion while away at school.

I said to my best friend “Did you see Ashley’s* post?”

My best friend giggled and said “No, but I know it’s some dumb shit.” (We both find our mutual friend annoying but we have all known each other for a long time so we tolerate each other.)

“She is voting for Trump. Like, seriously, I bet her husband is pissed!” I told her.

There was a long, uncomfortable pause… “Hello?” there must have been a bad phone connection I thought because I expected her to immediately start throwing shade with me.

“Well…” She hesitated. I interrupted her and said “What you are going to vote for Trump now?” half jokingly. Over the summer she was with her while we chatted about the crazy election.

“I mean, yeah, I think I’m going to vote for trump.” She said.

I was shocked, my best friend, my homie, my ride or die, the girl whose family questions our friendship sometimes for an actual relationship was standing with a man who stands for everything I am against. How could this be?

I asked her to explain why. I was baffled, I couldn’t understand how someone who had exercised her right to be pro-choice wanted to vote for someone who said she should be punished for her decision to choose.

She started spouting out facts about Hillary and what Trump is promising. I know my best friend. In and out. I knew in the pit of my stomach that she did not come up with these conclusions on her own. I let her express her opinion and I expressed mine. We were at a stale-mate. Right before we hung up  I quickly asked “Hey, who is your new boo voting for?”

There was another long pause. She knows me in and out as well. She know what I was getting at.

“Uh, I think he’s voting for Trump.” :/