.Trump Card.

During this long election, my thoughts were always on the optimistic side: I believed that the country I fought for, that the six years I spent away from my family defending freedom mattered. That the daily misogyny I experienced in the military was isolated only to the military. Last night I found out that I was so wrong. Donald Trump’s victory has taught me one thing: that being a racist, sexual predator is more acceptable than being a woman in this country. Those of you who failed to vote, let this day be a lesson. For those of you who pissed away you’re vote on a third party, I hope your happy. Lastly, to the poor white Americans who voted for Trump, you have been conned.

I see these numbers below and can only think, what were you thinking, White Women?


And then I saw a tweet from @thecapitalv that said “What a privilege it must be to be able to look past a presidential candidate’s racism because it won’t affect you.” And understood.


.I’m with Her, she’s with Him.

Mpolly best friend voted for Donald Trump. Now for the first time in our twenty year old friendship, I am questioning why we are still friends. She and I have a mutual friend named Ashley*, who is white and is married to a black man. I called my best friend one day after seeing an outrageous post, supporting Donald Trump and condemning abortion from Ashley. It is ironic because I remember Ashley* telling me on a drunken night ten years ago that she had had an abortion while away at school.

I said to my best friend “Did you see Ashley’s* post?”

My best friend giggled and said “No, but I know it’s some dumb shit.” (We both find our mutual friend annoying but we have all known each other for a long time so we tolerate each other.)

“She is voting for Trump. Like, seriously, I bet her husband is pissed!” I told her.

There was a long, uncomfortable pause… “Hello?” there must have been a bad phone connection I thought because I expected her to immediately start throwing shade with me.

“Well…” She hesitated. I interrupted her and said “What you are going to vote for Trump now?” half jokingly. Over the summer she was with her while we chatted about the crazy election.

“I mean, yeah, I think I’m going to vote for trump.” She said.

I was shocked, my best friend, my homie, my ride or die, the girl whose family questions our friendship sometimes for an actual relationship was standing with a man who stands for everything I am against. How could this be?

I asked her to explain why. I was baffled, I couldn’t understand how someone who had exercised her right to be pro-choice wanted to vote for someone who said she should be punished for her decision to choose.

She started spouting out facts about Hillary and what Trump is promising. I know my best friend. In and out. I knew in the pit of my stomach that she did not come up with these conclusions on her own. I let her express her opinion and I expressed mine. We were at a stale-mate. Right before we hung up  I quickly asked “Hey, who is your new boo voting for?”

There was another long pause. She knows me in and out as well. She know what I was getting at.

“Uh, I think he’s voting for Trump.” :/