Shameless Trump

I have taken a back seat to politics on my blog because I was simply exhausted from all of it. My blood pressure couldn’t take it, and the administration would piss me off every day. But I got time today.
I am OUTRAGED. I am outraged that the media is re-branding racists as “Alt-Right,” I am outraged at how many Nazi apologist I know.
CaptureI am outraged because like the late Heather Heyer had posted on her social media, I AM  AND HAVE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION. I am mad, and I have been mad since this country allowed Trump to continue to run after he continually showed his true colors to us. It was like half of the country was on Xanax and kept dozing off when Donald Trump would do something out of line.
But you know what really pissed me the fuck off today? Watching Donald J. Trump the President of the United States use this terrorist attack from White Supremacist / Neo-Nazi’s and shamelessly plug one of his businesses during a press conference where he was talking about Charlottesville.
Maybe; if you weren’t paying attention. Let me tell you what happened: at the end of yesterday’s press conference where reporters rightfully so were grilling 45 on why he waited so long to denounce Neo-Nazi’s. Little Donald went on the defense and claimed that he “wanted to make sure, unlike most politicians, that what I said was correct. Not make a quick statement.” Now If you know Donald J. Trump the way, most of Americans, heck the world knows him by now, you know that this statement like 96% of the statements he makes is full of shit. This guy is known for shooting off at the mouth with his little twitter fingers without facts on issues like President Obama’s birth certificate to him weighing in on Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s relationship. So to hear him say that he wanted to analyze all the data and make an informed statement on the matter just sounds like an excuse. So if I am playing devil’s advocate I could say that yes, maybe 45 is learning and is trying to make an effort to sound more educated and more poised as President but on the other hand, you have to wonder, why now? Why is this the issue Little Donald decided to wait to speak on? For me it’s just The Don showing his ass again, this is who he is.
I have come to expect this type of despicable behavior from our Man-child President. But what I wasn’t expecting was the self-proclaimed Deal Maker to shamelessly plug one of his businesses while making statements on the loss of human life.

If you didn’t catch how he used this moment to advertise his brand here is how it went:

Reporter: President Trump will you be going to Charlottesville? 

Trump: I actually own one of the largest winery’s in the United States and it’s in Charlottesville.

He is not allowed to do that as commander in chief.  But hey, aparently no one cares.