All Lives Matter, Right?

You know what’s interesting about the world we live in? Everything, I mean everything is documented. Everything we say on world or American issues are heard loud and clear. Problem is the message never gets across to either side. We hear each other but we don’t bother to understand each other. When the cell phone cameras started documenting the killings of countless unarmed Black men in the country the message was clear: Something is wrong here, some cops are using their power to become judge, jury, and executioner. This was something us in minority communities already knew, the law was acting as if their lives did not matter. From this, Black Lives Matter was dubbed the outcry for those in this country who knew this was wrong. The message was simple and easy to understand: Black Lives Matter, it meant that under the law, everyone no matter their skin should get all the same rights as every American. That a Black man should be able to walk away from a simple traffic stop still breathing, and be able to let the court system work itself out how it should. Simple, they matter, they have families, have children. They have people who depend on and love them, they should be able to continue living no matter the legal circumstance. That a broken taillight should not result in the taking of a human life. It’s not hard to comprehend. And yet, the message could not transcend the invisible lines of America. Along the way, the message got muddled into something else. Across the lines, some heard Black Lives Matter and took it as being Anti-cop. That wasn’t the intent. With that, some started saying things like “Black Lives Matter? How about All Lives Matter?” They harped on this All Lives Matter thing until they were blue in the face. Time went on and the world moved on. But remember everything is documented. So now that we are at a point in history where children of undocumented parents seeking asylum are being ripped apart, many of those who were shouting All Lives Matter are saying this is okay. That if these parents did not want to get separated from their children they should have never come here. They are shouting these things so loud it is hard to even picture them saying something like All Lives Matter. Its almost as if, All Lives Don’t Matter to them. What they forgot was that everything is documented, we were watching, we heard them, and we did not forget. So what is it? All Lives Matter or just the lives of those who look like you?