. A Note from Winter .

Hey Mom Jawns! 

I have been neglecting my writing. I am sorry that I have been unable to post in the last week and a half. It was the end of my fall semester and I was terribly busy. Studying for finals, writing ten page papers, my six year old came home with head lice (😨😱,) and I also returned to work this week for the first time since the baby was born. 

I was busy. I was tired. I was pissed (about the lice.) Truth be told: I felt like I was ready to give up on life, so the blog fell by the wayside. Now that the semester is over (yayyyy!) and my body has adjusted to waking up at 5 AM to get three kids to three different schools in the morning. Let’s get back on track! 

After realizing that it was not the greatest idea to return to school so soon after having a new baby. I knew I had too much on my plate. I decided to reach out to one of my professors and plead my case. She offered me an alternative class that she created for me called Writing / Editing and told me to start a blog. If you are reading this Professor C., thank you again! 

Starting a blog was something I ALWAYS wanted to do, but I was unsure how to start or what to write about. So having this class actually gave me the motivation to put myself out there. Now that the class is over, I plan to continue with the blog and keep writing. I am going to share my life experiences, my advice, the stuff I care about, the stuff that makes me angry, basically whatever the hell Winter Olivia wants to talk about. I am really not concerned if my blog ends up being read by the masses. I am tired of being talked over and not getting credit for my ideas so this is where my voice will be heard. This is where my views on the world will be unapologetically shared. So I hope you stay for a while, comment, share, tweet and read…. and discover your inner Mom Jawn!

Up-Coming post: Elf on the Shelf ideas! 

Military Story Time 

And a funny tale about online dating! 

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