.Secret Santa Helper.

This year I got voluntold to be part of a Secret Santa. The only restriction that was placed on the  Secret Santa gift exchange was that the gift be about ten dollars. I scoured Pinterest for ideas, and every Secret Santa guide I came across was outdated. Every gift on the suggested lists would either be sold out or the web link would not exist. So here is a list of gifts you can buy off Etsy.com for your Secret Santa exchange:

$10 and under:

BB No.1 Blissful Mind Organic Bath Tea- Single $5.77


From BoticaBliss

Handmade Luxury Coconut Milk Soap $4.50


From The Glitter Farm Soap Co

For these gifts you could buy two, wrap them in brown paper, and tie with twine for your friend who needs some me time.

Tiny Hexagon necklace $8.50



Tiny jewelry is trending and looks so chic. Get this one for a friend who is a minimalist. This Etsy shop has a lot of beautiful pieces of jewelry for sale at very affordable prices.

Personalized Notebook $10



People are attached to their own names, so getting a notebook like this one from Please and Thanks Cards is sure to be an instant hit for the writer friend in your life.

$20 and under:

Personalized Wine Glass $10.00 + Wine Me Socks $10.00


Who wouldn’t want a pair of these? You might as well get yourself a pair of these comfy socks as well!

Nasty Woman Mug $16.95



Perfect for your favorite feminist colleague.

Personalized initial bracelet $20.39



 These bangles are adorable. Rose gold is really in now.

$30 and under:

Soy Candle $21



Bad Ass Candles

If you have a friend with a Chelsea Handler-ish type of sense of humor, she will love this! (I would want one of these haha.)



4 organic herb indoor gardening gift set $25.50



The Gifted Tomato

If you have a friend who is hands on and into the whole grow-your-own-food movement, this is the gift for her.


Succulent Christmas Box $28.95



Perfect for your nature-loving friend! The winter is dull. This gift is sure to bring life and color to anyone you know experiencing the Winter Blues.

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