.Beauty Product Review.

Trying to live a healthy lifestyle can seem daunting to some. Buying organic is more expensive, it takes too much time to cook every meal, and some healthy food is just bland. I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle so I started educating myself on what I was putting into my body that I had to stop and think about what I was putting on my body. The beauty industry over the years has offered us harsh chemicals in make up, lotion, perfume, and we accepted it because that what was really all there was out there.

But now companies are seeing that people want alternatives. Just because someone is anti-chemicals doesn’t mean they don’t want to use lotion, it just means they want a safer alternative.hb_pinkclay_gentleclense_claysoapbar_02

In looking for better skin products that were natural I stumbled upon Herbivore Botanicals. A skin care line dedicated to bringing “truly natural, cruelty free skincare.” What initially attracted me to these products was the packaging. It’s so simple and clean looking. Then I read that these products were developed by a husband and wife from Seattle. Hello, I love supporting small business’! But then I saw the price…As a SAHM/Broke college student I thought that the products were a bit pricey for me to try out. I pinned it onto my “Want” Pinterest board and kept scrolling.

Then a few weeks later while at my friend’s spa, I saw that she was selling their products. I asked her if she liked them, and she began raving about them. She’s a friend so she was not really just trying to sell me a product. She genuinely liked their products.

So I bought their Lapis Oil roller from her. She had mentioned earlier while she was doing my facial that my skin was “Dry as a bone” and I knew it was true, so it was time to try a new way to moisturize my skin.

When I got home I ended up ordering their Pink Clay soap bar from their website and after using both products on my skin I see a difference. Ever since I had my son a few months ago my skin has been acting crazy and this is helping it go back to normal.Seriously a game-changer as far as face washes go. 
*I am not affiliated with Herbivore Botanicals or paid by them I just like their stuff.



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